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Evacuated tube specifications  SECTION 13625 - Specifications

Models ATS-10, ATS-20, and ATS-30



High Quality Borosilicate Glass 3.3

Glass (Outer)  Tube Diameter

2.28" (58mm )

Glass (Inner) Tube  Diameter

1.85" (48mm )

Wall thickness

0.06" (1.6mm )


5.9 ft (1800mm)

Single Tube Weight

6 lb  (2.2kg)

Vacuum Pressure

<3.5 x10-3 mPa

Absorbance of Solar Selective Absorptive Coating


Selective Absorptive Coating


Impact Resistance

Steel Ball test: Steel ball with a diameter of 30mm dropped on the tube vertically from 450mm height with no damage


      Manifold and frame

       Models ATS-10, ATS-20, and ATS-30


Header casing material

Aircraft Aluminum 6061

Frame material

#304 Stainless Steel

Tie Bar

Aircraft Aluminum 6061

Manifold Insulation

R7 Compressed Rock Wool

Internal Manifold

Copper brazed with lead free silver solder.

Manifold Port Size

¾” Copper Tube at each end


      Collector specifications

        Models ATS-10, ATS-20, and ATS-30

Number of Tubes

10                                20                                   30

Aperture Area  (SF)/ Gross Area (SF)

10.7/ 17.3             19.4/41.3                 26.4/ 55.1

Collector contents (Gal)

0.2                               0.3                                  0.5

Assembled panel weight (Lbs)

80                               207                                 240

Max Pressure (psi)


Max Stagnation Temp (F)


Y Intercept

-0.352 Btu/hr-ft2-0F

Hot Water Output +800F -17 MJ/m2 (Gal/Day/Collector)

23.78 gal              47.56 gal                71.33 gal

Cold weather applcation


Suggested Flow rate

0.03 Gal/Min/Tube

SRCC OG-100 Approved

Solar Output

Models ATS-10, ATS-20, and ATS-30

Conversion Factor h0= 0.715 

Loss Coefficient a1=1.55 W/(m2K) 

Loss Coefficient a2=0.0117 W/(m2K2)

h(x) = h0- a1(X)- a2G(X)2




G= Solar Isolation value in Watts/ m

Ta= Ambient Temperature C0 

Tm= Manifold Temperature C0



Models ATS-10, ATS-20, and ATS-30

Typical summer output for a well designed system


 FREE Professional Solar Site Evaluation*


Solar Site Evaluation for potential Thermal solar heating or a DHW system at your commercial or residential site is available for a small nominal fee to evaluate your site, and prepare installation layout plans.

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