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High Quality

Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors

  • Single and Dual Coil Storage Tanks
  • Storage tanks up to 10,000 gallons are available
  • Drain Back tanks
  • Stainless steel  "Line-Set"
  • Custom sizing of your system 
  • Bronze Solar Pumps
  • Solar Control Units
  • Hybrid solar thermal system plans


·        Solar Domestic Hot Water

·        Solar Heat (Radiant, Baseboard , Forced Air)

·        Solar Central Air Conditioning

·        Solar Pool Heating

·        Solar Snow Melting

·        Special Applications

Interested in an investment rate of over 25%?

 A properly designed Solar Hot Water system can have a payback period typically within four years or less. 

Model ATS-10 

SRCC Certifications  OG-100

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Evacuated Tube Solar Collectors

Evacuated Tube Solar Collector Units can absorb 80% of the sun's energy, which is 500% more energy than standard PV panels can produce in the same area of your roof.  Making solar heated hot water obtains more energy from the sun than making solar electricity, so you are getting much more in return with a much smaller investment. 

The true advantage of using evacuated tubes is that they will work even during the coldest winter months unlike old style Flat Plate Solar Collectors. The vacuum prevents the heat tube from being cooled much by the ambient temperature which can be well below freezing, and so winter sun can easily heat water even in the depths of the coldest season. Even when it is very cloudy and cold, enough sunlight gets through so they can still be pre-heating the water which can then be heated further by a standard water heater reducing the costs of heating the water.




What to Expect:

When you are notified that your order has shipped, it should arrive within the next week. Deliveries to remote areas can take longer. Please use your tracking number to check on your order's status. Tracking numbers can take up to 48 hours to be activated by the Shipping Agent. This can vary.

Trucking Accessibility:
The delivery destination needs to be readily accessible by a tractor trailer. If the destination is in a hard to access area, additional delays or charges may be realized. We will contact you if that is the case.

Product Arrival:
It is very important to inspect your product thoroughly once it arrives. Though the box and packaging may seem perfect, it is still possible that your product may be damaged. Before signing for your product, check for both internal and external damage. If you notice damage to the product or if the shipper refuses to let you inspect the items, sign for the product as damaged and call us immediately or, if we are closed, the next day that we are open. Failure to do so releases the shipper of all liability and exposes you to shipping and restocking fees, so please do not sign for your product as clean if you are unsure.






Advanced Thermal Solar (ATS) offers products that may require professional installation. (ATS) recommends hiring a HVAC professional trained in the service and repair of HVAC/R appliances. Parts sold by (ATS) may require specialized tools and/or procedures for safe and reliable operation of the effected systems. Buyer(s) specifically holds (ATS) harmless for injury, property damage, or other losses associated with the use of items purchased from (ATS). It is not the intention of (ATS) to encourage the servicing of HVAC/R appliances by untrained personnel, rather to "allow the public to purchase the necessary parts directly" for use by trained and/or licensed professionals.


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